Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Something wild just happened. Both boys woke up prematurely from their nap, and I talked them into going back to sleep. A first in my motherhood career. So I decided to write a blog because I left my book in Noah's room.

There are some days when I really think I could breastfeed Noah until he is 1. I am almost there. 3 months to go. It doesn't seem like that long. Then something happens like last night. Nathan and I were watching Office reruns as usual and Michael mentions wanting a Frosty. The urge to have a Frosty overcame me so greatly I almost couldn't take it. Or I will drive by an Italian restaurant and smell cheese. My mouth starts watering with the scent. I want dairy so badly. I WANT A FROSTY!!!

Then I say to myself, really Beth? You are going to cut breastfeeding short because you want a Frosty? Have you no self control, woman? Seriously.

Sigh. Like I have a choice. The weaning to a cup thing is going very slowly. I mean, its going. Just. So. Slow.

Oh, and Noah is learning to sleep a little better. So some nights I can get 6-8 interrupted hours. Victory. Almost. He still wakes up once or twice and needs assistance in getting back to sleep. The last two nights I have gone in there and he is standing up and he starts laughing and dancing when he sees me coming. Nice.