Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baby Brother Doll

So, I haven't blogged for a while because my in-laws came and the only things I had to write about that were funny to me, I didn't feel they were appropriate to blog about...Certain people may not share my sense of humor over certain situations, and I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings for the sake of a funny blog. After they left Ethan got sick, and then my car broke down three times, and I have only recently been inspired to write about something that isn't me gripping. This is my latest story-

Ethan received his first baby doll. He had never shown interest in his cousin Paige's dolls. He would pick them up and laugh, give them a little shake, and when he realized that they didn't light up, make music, or do anything he finds entertaining, he would toss it to the side and search for something more to his liking. Now he has a "baby brother doll." We gave it to him to help teach the concept of what we will do with a little baby when it comes. To my shock and disbelief, this is his new favorite game. He LOVES Baby Brother Doll. He asks me to change his diaper, and fix his swaddle if it becomes loose. He does his best to make sure the pacifier is placed where it belongs, in Baby Brother's mouth. He carries him around, and is delighted by my suggestions to put Baby Brother Doll in the bouncy seat. He gives Baby Brother Doll lots of hugs and kisses. He absolutely does NOT want Baby Brother Doll to go to bed. If we suggest such a thing he cries and pleads, "no, no, no." I hand Baby Brother back to him and tell him, "lets put Baby Brother back in his bouncy seat, then." Nathan is a bit more, shall we say, strict, than I am, and enforces Baby Brother Doll's nap time despite Ethan's tearful protests.

I am really hoping, that Ethan will like the real Baby Brother when he comes. At least half as much as the doll would be great.

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