Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Night Entertainment: LIVE!

Some people go to parties on Friday nights. Some go to concerts. Others go to the movies. Or so I have heard, anyway. Nathan and I spent our time watching Ethan. He is learning that if he spins around multiple times, that he will get dizzy, and he finds this very funny. He spins. He stops. He tries to walk in a straight line. He gets woozy. He laughs hysterically. Repeat. Nathan and I laugh too. We are all entertained.

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  1. Hello Beth Key!

    I want you to know that last night I read your ENTIRE blog! (creepy, I know)
    Anyway I was so inspired that I decided to start my own! :)
    This is great because I loathe phone conversations and voice messages as well! So this is your non-threatening, not-obligatory-at-all invitation for a glance at my life!
    Congratulations on the new house and baby! Happy pregnancy! And thanks for the inspiration! ;)

    Your friend,
    Emilie Wright