Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inner Beauty Goal Update

I just thought I would come clean. In my last post I made a few goals based on the principle that I would focus on my Inner Beauty because my outer beauty was looking pretty bleak with my butt growing at approximately the same rate as my uterus/stomach region. Every year my parents and paternal grandparents give me a hefty amount of birthday money. It is the one reason I continue to look forward to birthdays. I don't usually have all that much spending money that I feel I can really spend on myself with out feeling guilty, because I am a stay-at-home mom and that means being cautious of spending so I can continue to stay-at-home with my babies without stressing out my husband (well, trying to keep the spending stress on low instead of high for him at least). Last year I didn't use all my birthday money up until December. This year it is gone before birthday week has come to a close. I have spent all of it, and a little more than all of it, on myself. Not just on myself, but on my Outer Beauty Quest which was supposedly null and void. I lied. I spent almost $200 on make-up from Lancome, and over $500 on a hair treatment that makes my hair stay straight so that I don't have to a) blow-dry my hair and neglect my busy one year old while he gets into who-knows-what b) feel bad about myself because I never take care of my hair and look bad every single day. (I am embarrassed to tell you the actual amount, but I would also like to say there WAS a generous tip envolved). I would also like to mention that I didn't buy any new clothes. Lastly, Ethan spilled water on my computer and all blogs from here on out will not include paragraphs as my enter key does not work. Anyway, I feel these purchases will improve my quality of life because if I am going to be tired with dark circles under my eyes, be covered in food that is leftover from my toddlers grubby hands, and soon to be covered in spit-up, at least my make-up and hair is in tact.


  1. I need to see all of these things.

  2. Dearest Kate, and Jenn, I shall refrain from posting pictures of said changes in hopes to lure you into real human interaction. Love, Beth. PS. I happen to be available uh, lemme check, oh yes, every day.