Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Fat A@!

My butt is getting bigger. It isn't just my stomach region. Nathan confirmed this yesterday. Several times, actually. For this, he is still being punished.

I have given up on cultivating outer beauty and I shall focus on Inner Beauty.


1. Gracefully ignore Nathan's clothes that are always on the floor and the dishes that never seem to make it into the dishwasher. Bitterness shall not take root.

2. Empathize with Ethan's extremely powerful emotions on not getting what he wants instead of rolling my eyes and walking away.

3. Not stare at people's crooked teeth and inside my head call them snaggletooth.

That ought to do it.


  1. man... way to call a husband out.

  2. Love it! Good goals! Should I help keep you accountable? ;)

  3. Wow, you know, just yesterday we were saying how nice it is that you married a man who loves and worships (not in the idol sense) you, so I am quite surprised that he is commenting on the size of your arse. Doesn't he know what pregnancy hormones do to us girls? By the way, I love your posts. We also missed you guys this morning and hope Ethan is feeling better!