Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There is this old man at my gym that feels the need to talk to me when he sees me. I am not big on talking to people I don't know for casual conversation. I never strike up conversations with random strangers and I am always a little surprised when others do so with me. When he sees me coming I try to dodge him, but with the two little ones in tow I am a slow mover. Usually, he gets me. All of our conversations go like this:

"Hi, so you had your baby?"

"Yes." Clearly.

"What's her name?"

"HIS name is Noah." For the upteenth time...




"Noah. N-O-A-H. Like the guy who built the ark."

"Ohhh. Noah. Unusual."

I nod but I am thinking, Not really. Its actually been around for centuries.

"Its pretty."

Pretty? So not what we were going for.

"So, how is Ethan? Did I tell you my grandson's name is Ethan?"

"Yes, and you also mentioned they are the same age."

"Yes, but my Ethan is much bigger than yours."

Oh, really, that is kind of sad for him then, because my Ethan is at the top of the growth charts for height, and right smack in the middle for weight so this would make his Ethan fat and obscenely tall. How unfortunate.

"Good seeing you. Keep up the workouts young lady."


Sigh. I'll see him again in a few days. For certain, he will catch me and we will repeat this conversation.

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