Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I hate going grocery shopping. I hate going to Costco. I have a 19lber strapped to me in a sling, and a screaming whining two year old in the cart. Buying items in the bulk make them heavy and hard to lift in and out of the cart with a baby strapped to me. Plus, its huge and I have to walk REALLY fast to get through before Ethan loses it and I always forget something and I have to go back. But I do have a favorite part. When we get to the check-out some store personnel usually comes to help me as they see I am struggling lifting a million pound box of diapers onto the conveyor belt. They see Ethan and say,

"Hi, there!"

Ethan screams.

"Oh, wow. Ok." They usually say, or something like that. Then they look at Noah.

"Oh! Look at YOU! Aren't you smiley! He's smiling at me! How CUUUUUTE!"

"The difference in temperments." I say.

"Yes." They reply with raised eyebrows.

Now, of course I think that Noah is perfect in every way. He really is the happiest baby I can imagine.

But honestly, if I could get away with screaming when a stranger talks to me, I would. That's my boy. I love him. And his screaming at strangers pleases me very much.


  1. That is hilarious. I love Costco trips because Soren sits in the cart and smiles at everyone. It's a social outing. Now, if I had two, it would be another story. I think you are very brave for doing Costco by yourself with two kids.

  2. I'm more of the Ethan type myself! :)

  3. I totally feel you. At least when I'm wandering the store with a baby strapped to me and both hands full of either kids or a shopping cart, I get lots of help and I don't even have to ask. Someone at publix will unload my cart, take out the cart, load the car and I just have to take care of the kids. And I can't believe Noah's up to 19 pounds already, Jacob just got there and he's a few months ahead!