Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Its in there

My ultrasound took a while to get going because the wonderful dr. office I blogged about before didn't give me the paperwork I needed so Jenn, Ethan, and I sat in a holding tank segregated from the rest of the clientele until my dr. office people got back from lunch and could fax over what I needed. We were told to go into our own special waiting area where Ethan could play with toys. I think it was so he wouldn't bother people. As if my adorable child could bother people. They also turned on Cirque Du Soleil on a tv which Jenn and I thought was a strange choice for a 13 month old.

Anyway, my ultrasound technician was GREAT! Loved her. She nicely labeled my baby's body parts on the pictures, believed my every word about how I was pregnant and I knew when. Her machine also verified that YES. I have a baby in there. YES, the baby was pretty much the age I said it was. YES, every thing looks good. Yay.

Ok, Almost the age I said it was. My last blog I mentioned that I was SURE the conception occurred March 2nd. Well, what really happened was I THOUGHT it happened Feb. 26th but when I took a pregnancy test two weeks later (the soonest possible time to get an accurate test) it was negative. It didn't turn positive for a couple of more days so I assumed March 2nd. Anyway, looks like Feb 26th was the big day so I am slightly more pregnant than I thought. I am three days closer to the end of the first trimester. Thank Jesus.

I am also pretty sure its a girl.

I took Ethan to Target today. He reached in the back of the cart from the front baby holder and got a gravy packet. He poured it all over himself and the cart while I was price comparing some things. He was COVERED in it. Lap, chest, face, hair. He laughed hysterically the rest of the time we were at the store and all the way home. Little stinker.

Moral of the story: Do not buy gravy packets or price compare. Ever.

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