Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh, right, the blog I started

I haven't really felt like I have had anything blog worthy to say. Just a few random thoughts that I am not sure that anyone is really interested in, so why bother, when I can go lay down when Ethan is taking a nap? I shall give you a few updates if you care.

1. I have learned that sign language just isn't going to work with my boy. He learns many things rapidly. Not sign language. I wonder if it is like him speaking. He can say words. I have heard him say several words very clearly. He chooses not say them usually. He says them occasionally. At random. NEVER EVER if I try to illicit a word. If I try to continue him saying a word he has just spoken he immediately stops speaking. I wonder if he can sign and secretly does so when I am not looking.

2. I got the ultrasound report in the mail. Due Nov.19th not the 20th. There goes my guess on it being a girl. Now I have no idea, and it doesn't really matter to me either way, as long as it IS one or the other, you know?

3. Walked out of the stupid crappy dr. office because they were being unspeakably rude and never went back. This is a prime example of how I have learned Boundaries since my counseling days. Mary Beth would be so proud. I have not informed her of this feat.

4. Tried out a mom's group (with people there). I liked them. I am thinking of going back. They are all "not trying but not not trying" to have babies for a second time. Makes me feel like I am not so crazy. I laugh on the inside because we were not not trying for less than 24hrs before I got preggers according to the ultrasound.

5. I am watching Juno again. Still my new favorite.

6. Ethan and I have developed a system of communication to the point that I am wondering if he is ever going to learn to really talk. I interpret all his grunts as full statements and questions.

7. Flew with Ethan by myself to Ohio to see my little cousin (sniff, sniff, all grown up) graduate from highschool. When he sees me and Ethan, he says "Whats his name again?" Yeah, he was so looking forward to our coming. Money and time and stress well spent. We also left two minutes after the graduation started because Ethan was fussy because it was too loud in the gym for him. He is a very sensitive boy. Just don't tell my cousin. I am sure he would be really disappointed. Especially considering he didn't know my child's name prior to my arrival. No seriously, my grandparents REALLY enjoyed seeing Ethan. My grandpa is really going downhill healthwise and they can't travel. They saw Ethan once before when he was 4 months old and they really had a great time watching him walk around and make a mess of their super clean home. He is the only great-grandson and they found enjoyment in his every babble. It was also good to talk with my other cousin for awhile. I hadn't had a conversation with her in years. She was like my sister growing up and I LOOOOVE her.

8. Learned I will never travel without Nathan again.

9. Going to try to stay pregnant for the rest of my life because my body is totally weird and LOSES weight while pregnant. The fat in my arms and legs goes to my stomach but the number either drops slightly or stays the same. Yes, flat stomachs are so overrated.

10. Started baking cakes to get the numbers up. Who wants to come over for cake?


  1. I'll come over for cake. I love cake. :)

  2. making yellow cake with chocolate icing on half and vanilla icing on the other half. we would love to give you some.