Monday, May 11, 2009

Ode to Ethan

My boy has been really fantastic to me lately. He has shown his first real act of service towards me of late. Up til now, I must say the giving and rendering of services has been primarily on my end. I am ok with this, as he has just entered the world and doesn't really know what is up yet. I am proud to say, he is learning. He has given me the gift of allowing me to work out at Gold's Gym on weekday mornings. Ethan is given to meltdowns when I leave him, particularly if I am leaving him with someone he doesn't know really well. Sometimes he gets upset if I leave him with his own father. Although, he does seem to get over it when he is with his father. Anyway, to my great surprise and delight, he likes the Kiddie Gym!!! He doesn't cry. He is interested in the toys and the other kids. I get to work out, and come home and take a shower while he naps because he is worn out from the Kiddie Gym. It has really improved the quality of my day. I feel relaxed. I get a break. My mornings don't drag on forever and ever. After he wakes up from his morning nap we go on an adventure, come home and play, and then it is time for our next nap. This time I take one myself. Then we only have a couple of hours until Nathan gets home. It really is a good life.

He has also been doing some really cute things. For one, he has developed a sincere love for Elmo. He has been teething hard core (three teeth at once) and to distract him from crying I turn on Elmo for a couple of minutes. He immediately smiles and goes over to the tv. He laughs, and dances with the music. He is GLEEFUL with Elmo. If I say, "Elmo" He toddles over to the tv and tries to turn it on.

Second, he has started communicating "yes" and "no." For no he shakes his head, for yes he does a little jump and says, "yeh." Yeh, he does want to go bye-bye, No, he does NOT want baby food. I try to respect these boundaries.

Third, he says, "hiiiiiiii." The i sound goes way up and then way down.

On a completely different note, today is my first ultrasound for the new baby. I went to this horrible dr. office where I spoke to a nurse who basically told me I had no way of knowing that I am pregnant because it had not been verified by a dr. I also had no way of knowing how pregnant because I didn't have "last period."

I tried to tell her, that yes, I did know that I was pregnant because I:
1. Took 4 pregnancy urine tests that are supposedly 99% accurate.
2. Had every pregnancy symptom in the book for the last 6 weeks.
3. Have a bump coming out of my stomach that is growing at an alarming rate for someone who doesn't drink beer.

Also, Yes, I DO know that my baby was conceived March 2nd cuz I was there, and I know how things work. And, hey, I happen to have the proof of experience sitting on my lap. Pooping.

Anyway, I conceded to have my blood drawn to prove my pregnant state and go for an ultrasound today to prove how old my child is. I plan to go back to this dr. office thursday, show the results and vindicate myself, and never return.

Jenn is coming with me to the ultrasound because Nathan is working and I need someone to hold Ethan and keep him from damaging expensive medical equipment. We plan to pose as partners, or I am going to be a surrogate for her. Haven't figured out which will be more fun.

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  1. Hahaha. This was a pleasure to read.

    You should probably just have Jenn punch the rude nurse in the stomach for her patronizing attitude. She'll do it.

    I'm glad Ethan is being so great for you.