Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Airport Recollections

Flying on the way to Ohio with Ethan didn't exactly permit me time to read. My job was to hold on to him so he wouldn't go toddling down the aisles to try to get to the stewerdesses or whatever PC name they call themselves. My mom brain can't quiet think of it now. One FLIGHT ATTENDANT (that's it) looked kind of like my mom and Ethan kept holding his arms out for her to hold him every time she would pass and would run for her if I let my guard down. Other than this task, and trying to entertain him with various toys, I spent my time privately observing the people across the aisle.

They were an elderly couple. They both had hearing aids. The man seemed very sweet and kind. I make this judgement based on the observation that he smiled at my child and commented that he looked like so and so and whatever age. He also had on several bracelets. He was showing his wife his new one.

"See? It has WWJD on it." He states with enthusiasm. He must not have noticed they were popular 10 years ago. "I got you one. Its pink!"

His wife, was not so kind. She sat hunched over. She wore a gold cross on her neck and read a christian fiction novel.

"I don't want that thing! I've got one. See?" She hold up her arm and displays her watch/bracelet.

Later in the flight something falls out of one of their bags further under the seat in front of them.

"Didn't I tell you to put that inside the bag?" The old lady admonishes her husband.

"It wouldn't fit."

She huffs. Takes off her seatbelt (seatbelt sign On) and grabs the item and shoves it in the bag.

"Are you taking off your seatbelt?" Her husband questions in a low, scared voice.

"How ELSE am I supposed to get the thing?" She says irritatedly.

Even later in the flight. We are waiting to get off the plane. Ethan has been screaming for the last 20 minutes or so. A little boy behind us crowds to get out of the plane as soon as he can and he ends up near the old lady. She looks at him and says, "YOU were a good boy on the flight." She glances at Ethan. Hint taken: Mine was not a good little boy.

I say nothing but think its a good thing you believe in that cross around your neck lady, because based on attitude, you so wouldn't make the cut for heaven.

I couldn't help but wonder during my observation of Sweet Old Man and Mean Old Lady if that is a glimpse of Nathan and I in the future. I don't want to be rude like her, but I can so see it happening if I don't watch myself.

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