Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cake Fail

I have attempted two Cakes in the last week.

Cake One:

It was going to be chocolate with half chocolate icing, half vanilla. I was going to make two round layers and then put them on top of each other making a two layer cake so there would be more icing per bite.

I tried to time it so it would be done baking before Ethan's nap and could cool while he slept. It wasn't done it time. I put it back in the oven turned down the temperature and hoped it wouldn't burn before I finished rocking Ethan to sleep which could be anywhere from 15-45 minutes. After 30 minutes I thought he was asleep I set him down and he cries. Frustrated, I pick him up, go into the kitchen, get the burned cakes out of the oven, set them on the stove and resume the rocking. 15 minutes later he still wasn't going back to sleep so I decided he would skip today's nap because I was not going to sit in that horribly uncomfortable rocking chair another minute. I take the cakes out of the pans and pull of the burned edges. I ice it. Looks good. I carefully transfer the top of the cake over the bottom.


Half of the top fell apart. It crumbles before my eyes. It is beyond repair. It looks like a pile of chocolate poo. It looks so horrible, I want to take a picture.


Cake Two:

This time I don't try anything fancy. Yellow cake. Half chocolate icing, half vanilla. One pan. One layer. Hmm. Nathan used my baking butter for something else yesterday. I substitute Ethan's vegan butter which clearly states on the side that it is not meant for baking. Oh well. I am not going to the store. Need cake now. Or at least 30 or so minutes from now.

Cake making uneventful.

Tire of cake eating after one piece. Nathan won't eat yellow cake.

Another Cake Fail.

Who wants some?

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