Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moving Misadventures and More, much more

Today was one of those days...I was tired. Ethan has been refusing to nap this week off on on. I think it is the 3rd or 4th time in a week. Sigh. I love him. He is so cute. But he seriously needs to sleep like other, normal children. I am rereading baby sleep books. I am thinking of trying something new. Previously, I have been a diehard Dr. Sears fan, but I am now open to other ideas. If you are a mom, please feel free to give me the benefit of your wisdom.

We moved into our new house a week and a half ago, and I LOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE it. I really love having more space. I didn't realize how cramped the one bedroom apartment was until we moved. It is gloriously wonderful to have a nice kitchen, a garage so Ethan doesn't have to be strapped into a hot car seat in a hot car all the time, and a yard for Piper to run around in. I also like that Ethan has his own room.

Speaking of Piper, she did make an escape before Nathan fixed our fence. She found a space under the fence she could fit through and ended up in someone else's lanai. She ignored my calling. When she realized I had meat she tried to come but she couldn't figure out how to get back out of the lanai. I didn't know where the house was exactly because the streets around here are confusing. I guessed on which street to try and a couple of nice ladies walking their dogs helped me. Interestingly, the house Piper was trapped in was vacant because those people were on vacation. Thank goodness the Nice Ladies also knew who was house sitting and I caught them before they went to work. This all happened at 7am and I was in my pajamas, braless, and my hair all crazy.

Also, in relation to moving misadventures, Nathan and I locked ourselves out of the house. I guess I didn't explain the key system very well. Our house has multiple different locks with multiple keys. Nathan thought they were all one in the same and brought the wrong key for the wrong door. We also didn't have a garage door opener or cell phone to aide us in our moment of distress. I solved this problem by slipping through a crack in the garage window. I found it strangely exhilarating to break into my own house.

My mom accompanied me to my ultrasound yesterday since Nathan had to work. She tried to keep Ethan entertained throughout the appointment. It was also nice to have someone their with me while I found out the Big News.

From Untrasound

Ah, yes. There it is. He has a nice package, does he not? He leaves no room for misunderstanding. He is 100% BOY. I would love to have a little girl some day. Really love it. However, I was really kind of hoping that this particular baby would be a boy. I thought it would be great to have brothers close in age. The girls can come later with big brothers to protect them. Also, little boys seem to really love their mommies. And, I really like that about them.

From Untrasound

This one is in 3-d. I didn't have those with Ethan. I could have potentially seen his little face, but I think he must be shy. I am fine with that. I respect that about him.

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  1. Ok, I know you didn't like Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, but I think you should give it another chance. Paige is a really good sleeper and I completely credit it to this book (also because the people who recommended this book to me have great sleepers). The reason I didn't choose Dr. Sear's method is because most people I know who use it have 3-5 year olds who still don't sleep well, or don't sleep through the night, or still insist on sleeping with their parents. If these things dont't bother you, then Dr. Sears would work fine, but you really have to buy into that philosophy of the family bed, like that is ok with you forEVER. If you like sleep and time with husband, then I think Dr. Weissbluth is great. You HAVE to deal with the sleep issue at some point, and I think it is so much easier on you and less traumatic on the baby to do it when they are younger. You don't have to do the cry it out method if you aren't comfortable with that.