Friday, June 26, 2009

So Many Questions

My son shows great delight in experiencing and seeing new things. His whole face lights up with joy when I let him hold something new, or if he sees something surprising.

Yesterday I found myself smiling because I saw something I have never seen before. I was driving home and I saw a stroller on the sidewalk. This drew my attention because I thought maybe someone living near me has a baby! Yay! As I came nearer I realized it was an old woman pushing the stroller, and inside the stroller was a dog. A shit-zhu with a sweatband matching the old woman's. I have never seen such a scenario. I have so many questions. These are just my starters:

1. Is the walk to benefit the old woman or the dog? Most owners take their dogs on walks so their dogs can be exercised and relieve themselves. Or so I thought. It seems the stroller would make a walk counterproductive. She must have a different goal. What could it be?

2. Did she actually go into a baby store and purchase a stroller for her dog? Did she bring her dog to make sure it was the right size? I know strollers, and this was not a cheap one. How much did she spend on a dog-stroller?

3. How in the world did she find a dog sweatband? Dogs sweat out of their paws, so I can't imagine these are widely sold. Did she make it herself, and if so WHY?

In regards to having questions, I have another one on a completely different topic. When I tell people the sex of the baby I am greeted with an extended pause. I am not sure what to make of this. Are they disappointed? Do they think I am disappointed? Was I supposed to want one sex over the other and I was unaware? Just to make things clear to all who read this, I was totally ok with getting either a boy or a girl. I really thought both would be GREAT. As long as my baby is healthy (and please, God, a good sleeper) I don't really mind weather it is a boy or girl. It will be the same with my third and fourth babies, too. God knows the best person to come into our family and he knows what sex they should be, so any baby I get, I will be totally happy with.

So, uh, why the silence?

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