Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear Status, Time to get pregger

Since coming back to Orlando it has been my observation that many of the people that are affiliated with Status, my church, are depressed. My friend and I were discussing possible causes today. It is hard to pin point exactly. I am sure every one's circumstances are a little different. I have come up with a theoretical solution. I shared this with my friend.

"Well, I have this theory, that babies are good for the soul. They force people to not focus on themselves for a few minutes. They rediscover the joy of living and the delight of new discovery of simple things." Personal example: Ethan gets totally pumped when he sees a fountain. If you think about it, they are neat. It makes me smile to see him so excited about it. "Since part of depression is too much inward self-focus and not taking delight in the world around them, this would solve the problem. I think the people in Status need to get knocked up."

"I agree." says my friend "You should present this to Josh at Status, and the rest of the leadership."

Hmm. I had been thinking covert opps, like subliminal messages. I suppose I could pitch the idea.

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