Sunday, April 12, 2009

Were you There?

We visited this church in Seattle for two months when we first moved there. Nathan really liked it. I tried to. I failed. One part that really got to me was they sung this song every Sunday that drove me crazy. I found out this week that it is usually a song during Passion Week, the week leading up to Easter. So, I heard it again the other day and bad memories returned. After we stopped going to the church I began to make fun of the song and make up my own lyrics. The real song goes like this:

Were you there when they crucified our Lord?
Were you there when they nailed him to a tree?
Sometimes it causes me to tremble...tremble...tremble

I don't like these lyrics because NO of course, I was NOT there. It was 2000 years +, ok? Even if you are meaning that all mankind would have responded to Jesus the exact same way, I still don't like the lyrics. It annoys me.

One day Piper made her first killing. She killed a squirrel. I made up the lyrics to the tune of the song that I hate:

Were you there when Piper Killed the Squirrel?
Were you there when she snapped its neck in two?
Sometimes she causes me to tremble...tremble....tremble...

Everytime Piper makes a new kill we add a verse.

In Ethan's early days I was trying to figure out songs he would know from the womb to comfort him. This is the song that did the trick. I have sung this song every day mulptiple times a day for over one year now. Yesterday when I heard the real song lyrics again I have decided to stop. What if my new baby hears me singing the Piper song to Ethan and she/he likes it too? The madness will never end. This song is out of control and has taken over my life. It is stopping now.
I hate that song.

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