Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hippies and Baby Daddies

I got to hang out with "the girls" for the first time since before Ethan was born. It was glorious. I love laughing with them. It is delightful in every way. One conversation I feel was worth posting.

Jenna "I love being married. I feel like being monogamous is the new free love. We are like, rediscovering it, because no one is doing it anymore. We are like hippies."

I let this sink in. I am a hippie. I always kind of suspected there was something crazy with in me. That the nice-girl-christian look was only a masquerade.
Yes. I am a Hippie.

I want to take this a step further. If Jenna is a hippie for having free love monogamous type love with her husband, then what does that make me: a girl who is having the same type of love, but is taking a step further to have babies and not use birth control. Free love, and birth control happened at the same time in the 60s. That is when women decided that they wanted to do more with their lives than have babies once a year and only have sex with their husbands. Monogamous loves, and the joy of having children were put to shame and Free Love and Birth Control were the way to be. Now I am completely counter cultural. So, yes, I would agree with Jenna that we are hippies. But if Jenna is a regular hippie, then I am the hippie on acid.

And I am going to Woodstock.

I would also like to say that the Baby Daddy has been pretty friggin' amazing lately. I am glad I married him. SUCH a good choice. He is really helpful with Ethan and is turning into such a great dad. I am glad we are hippies together.

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  1. always reassuring to hear that the man you married was the right choice! :)

    Jenny wants more posts - surely you can find time in your slow, uneventful days to blog, right? :)