Monday, April 6, 2009


In talking with other women who have gone through the child bearing process I am pretty sure it is an accurate assessment to say that women either Love their obstetrician or they have deep feelings of disdain. For me, during the last pregnancy, it was Love at First Visit. This is in a way, a love tribute, to Dr. Dawn Scheve. On the first visit she informed me that she too, has PCOS, my condition that causes weight gain, difficulty losing weight, acne, man-hair, and infertility. I have experienced all but the man-hair, thank God. I felt an immediate kinship with her since she could sympathize with my struggles. She was very laid-back and always reassuring. She praised me often for my not excessive weight-gain during pregnancy and perfect blood-pressure. She would introduce me to her students as her "perfect patient" and "laid-back patient." One way to win my heart is through sincere praise. I also adored her nurse, Beth. There were few people in Seattle I felt like I could be good friends with. She was one of them. I could picture us eating popcorn and watching the Office together. Another great part about that doctor office was the receptionist up front. She was just like Angela in the Office. At first i was put off by her rudeness but then I realized she looked and acted just like Angela. It made her so funny to me. I shared this with Beth, and Dr. Scheve who both appropriately admired my assessment of Angela the Receptionist.

The one thing that makes me sad about leaving Seattle is not having Dawn Scheve and Beth there for my pregnancy. It brought me to tears one day. That is how deep my love runs for them.

I called to schedule an appointment with a doctor in Orlando today and already I can tell they are different. I am at risk for getting a man doctor. I was appalled when looking up doctors how few obs are women in Orlando. WHAT?! What man wants to do that? What women wants him to? I feel very strongly about having a women. First, those are my female parts being examined. Second, I do not want someone delivering my baby who has not done it themselves before because there is no experience like your own. I ended up going with the office that is associated with Winnie Palmer that has the fewest male to female ratio. 9 women in the office, 3 men. Please, God, don't let there be a man examining my parts. Surely, that is not your Will for my life.

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