Monday, April 20, 2009

Today's List of Accomplishments

I really blow my own self away with how productive I am on any given single day. See below for today's list of important achievements.

1. Try to feed Ethan while he throws food to the dog and screams for me to give him things he cannot have.

2. Try to teach Ethan to say please and help instead of screaming. Give up and let him cry about whatever (I turned the lamp off).

3. Give Ethan a nap.

4. Intervene bwt Ethan and Piper all morning and afternoon during ethan's waking hours.

5. Go to the mall to look at maternity clothes because I am getting too fat for the regular ones. Decide to wait a few more weeks.

6. Listen to Ethan scream in the carseat on the way home.

7. Feed Ethan sweet potatoes and watch as he spits it out over his clothes.

8. Do laundry to wash Ethan's clothes and the clean clothes Piper peed on (no longer clean).

9. Blog while Ethan pulls out every trash bag from the box in the kitchen.

10. Clean Ethan's butt twice in 15 minutes because he is finally pooping out the crayon (orange) he ate on Saturday.

11. Try to brainstorm how I am going to tell Nathan the dog has got to go. I hate intervening and yelling at the dog and the baby all day. And she pees on stuff because she is mad about the baby. Clearly, she needs a stress free home.

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