Friday, March 27, 2009

Glimpse of our Marriage: For Megan

Every night we try to give Ethan one last bottle before we go to bed so that he will sleep as long as possible without waking from hunger. Sometimes he will take the bottle, and sometimes he won't. The times that he will, it is usually when I feed him and the times that he won't is usually Nathan giving it a shot. Last night I let Nathan take a turn. I was tired. The dialogue went something like this:

"Does he need a bottle?" Nathan
"Yes"Beth. Nathan pauses to see if I am going to do it. I use my nonverbals (getting under the covers and closing my eyes) to communicate that it is going to be his turn. Nathan goes into the kitchen and comes back.
"I can't do it." Nathan
"Try putting it into his mouth." Beth
"I can't find it." Nathan
"Try the middle of his face." Beth. Nathan tries not to laugh.
"I did that." Nathan. I give a huge exaggerated sigh. I take the baby and try to give him the bottle. His hair smells like Nathan's armpit. I inform Nathan of this.
"What do my armpits smell like?"
"Smell his hair and find out."
Nathan sniffs. "I don't smell anything. Must be your enhanced sense of smell from pregnancy. Or maybe you are making it up."
"Uh, I definitely know what your armpits smell like, ok?"
Ethan turns his head.
"Ok. That means he doesn't want it." I hand the bottle to Nathan. "Can you wash that out?" I start getting Ethan back into a nice sleep state.
Nathan comes back and gets into bed. For some reason I do not understand he takes the baby from me and cuddles with him. Whatever. I turn to my comfy place and close my eyes.
"I forgot my phone. I need it for the alarm in the morning." Nathan
"Wow. I hope you can wake up without it. Or be okay with not going to work." Beth
"I need you to go and get it for me." Nathan
"I can't. I am sleeping." Beth
"No, you are not." Nathan. I begin to fake snore.
"Come on. Please."Nathan
"Get Piper to do it. She's up." Beth
"Its on the top of the counter." Nathan
"Piper? Did you hear that?" Beth
Another exaggerated sigh. I get up and get his cell phone.


  1. yea, it was something like that.

  2. Haha. See? I am scared of marriage for all of those reasons! I do not like the smell of armpits, and when woken from sleeping I turn into a homocidal monster. All of these factors are not conducive to a healthy and lasting relationship.
    Sort of.