Monday, March 30, 2009


I don't eat fast food. I gave it up when my eating disorder quest began 9 years ago. Even though I am over the eating disorder, I never got back into eating fast food. I always feel greasy and disgusting after eating. I don't feel I have made good life choices. Unless I am pregnant.

We had just moved to Seattle during the first pregnancy. I picked Nathan up from work because his boss still hadn't secured him a parking space downtown. I called him when I reached his building.

"I need you to google Arby's before you come down here."
"I need it. Just do it. I'm starving. It has to be Arby's."

He comes down to the car about 5 minutes later. We drive up and down either 2nd or 3rd Street looking for it. After 20 minutes or so Nathan suggested giving up.

If you have ever been pregnant, you know that when you are hungry, you need to eat NOW. Not 10 minutes from now. It had been past 10 minutes and I was getting a little frantic. I couldn't not have my craving. It was the only thing that sounded like an acceptable meal.

"The only other one is in Burien." Nathan informed me. Burien is south of Seattle. I immediately turn the car on to 99 and head to Burien. I didn't know where to go once I got there but I was confident my sixth sense would kick in and I would find the Arby's. I am really proud to say...I did it. The craving was satisfied and it was all that I ever hoped it would be. It was a close call though.

This morning I woke up and nothing sounded good. Nothing. I reconciled myself that the new baby and I would have to wait until lunch time to eat because all breakfast food sounded repulsive. I have even given up coffee. Then it struck me. I absolutely had to have a Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuit from McDonald's. Then I tried to talk sense into myself. I don't like fast food. I will feel icky. I will regret this life choice. I will spend money. I was getting hungrier and hungrier and Ethan had been fussy all morning. I decided, if that is the only thing that sounds good, and I have to endure his bad mood, I might as well do it happy. I drove 2 seconds away to the nearest McDonald's (looove where i live). I also got Orange Juice which my new baby also wanted. I hate Orange Juice. I took it back home. The lady got my order wrong. It was just a Sausage Biscuit. Murderous thoughts run through my mind as I think of the overweight chick who took my order. I banish them. She probably misheard me. Ethan begins to cry big fat tears and screaming quite loudly. I guess hunger is his problem. I quickly scramble and egg for us to share and put my half on my Sausage Biscuit. I alternate between taking bites for myself and drinking juice and shoving egg in Ethan's mouth. Sigh. I feel happy and content. After a fast food experience.


  1. I can pretty much always go for a bacon egg and cheese biscuit from McDonalds...