Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Picture People: Sneaky Bastards!

I knew it could happen. I took my chances. I really love my sister-in-law, Christa. When she called me to ask if I would be interested in going to the Picture People at the Brandon Towne Center to get the babies' pictures taken together, I said YES. I would love to. I love getting together with Christa and Paige. Plus, Ethan likes to get out of the apartment and go on adventures. I told myself I would only buy pictures of them together. For the grandparents. That was it.

The trouble started when Paige didn't really feel like smiling for the camera during her solo pictures. And Ethan did. The camera lady kept snapping his pictures, and he kept smiling, clapping, and giving adorable baby poses as if he had been waiting his whole life to be a baby model. I watched in fascination as my child grinned straight at the camera and I knew our Discover Card statement would be a bit higher than usual.

It turned out to be worse than I thought. His pictures were more adorable than I could have imagined. How could my offspring have turned out so good-looking? I was totally screwed. Sigh. I did my best to control myself, but the urge to have them all was very great. Its as if I get some sort of drug high when I see cute pictures of my baby.

Click here to see what i am talking about. Username: password: babypaige


  1. It wouldn't let me log in to see them. Figures. The Smilestore is my worst nightmare. No, really it is. During the Holiday season I would have very vivid dreams of customers running into Picture People and shooting me in the face because they "couldn't log into the Smilestore and see all their pictures!!!", and they simply could not wrap their minds around the concept that Megan Whyte was not the webmaster of the world. Thanks for the bullet to the face.

    Sigh. I can't believe I am considering going back to Picture People to work. This post has made me reconsider my reconsideration. Ew.

    p.s. You're just lucky that I wasn't your photographer. Both you, and Nathan, would probably never have spoken to me again. :)