Thursday, March 12, 2009

The In-laws

They are here. I am trying to stay positive. I am doing some cognitive-behavioral therapy on myself. Change your thoughts, and your feelings will follow. Ok, positive thoughts.

1. They leave Monday night. Wait, strike that, that goes on the negative list because that seems really far away.

2. We live in Orlando now. In Seattle we all stayed in our apartment. Alone. And together. So together. Now they can go and visit their old friends. Yes. Lets hope so.

3. They are staying in a hotel and not our one bedroom apartment. I can eat breakfast with only worrying about the one year-old pulling on my leg instead of morning conversation. I loathe early morning conversation.

4. I can choose how people treat me. Now there IS a positive thought. Thank you, Dr. Phil. I knew all those years of watching you would not go in vain.

5. We will have Ethan's first birthday party for the afternoon Saturday. That will be a nice distraction in the middle of the visit. Maybe I can give her lots of jobs to keep her busy to help with the party. Or maybe I can do it and it will keep ME busy. Too busy for lots of conversation. I will probably have to leave to go to the store multiple times.

6. I can make my workouts longer with my mother-in-law here to watch Ethan. That gives me an escape. Maybe I will double my work-out time.

7. Maybe some of my friends will call me up and we can go and have a very important visit. A visit that cannot be delayed.

There. It won't be so bad. Please, friends, call me.


  1. awesome. i can come over early tomorrow? and stay late!

  2. I'm laughing out loud. :) I wish I could call you and make you have lunch with me. Actually, if we did that you'd get away for hours seeing as the most
    logical way to do that is to meet half way so that's like a minimum of 5 hours right there. Seriously though we do need to talk. I have things to share and ask your thoughts on.