Friday, March 20, 2009

Was it Planned?

Is the question I have been getting lately. Well, to answer all of your questions:

Well, uh, it wasn't, NOT planned...I am fully aware of how babies are made so I knew the ramifications know...and Nathan and I were fine with that.

Last time to get preggers I went on Clomid (fertility meds) because I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. PCOS also affects my blood sugar and reproductive hormones along with my inability to ovulate. Because it affects my blood sugar I h can't lose weight no matter how perfectly and consistently I diet and exercise. I was getting really frustrated with the process so I went to my old doctor that I saw in Orlando that gave me the clomid to get preggers in the first place. She prescribed metformin, a drug for diabetics, and a progesterone. This was, again, to help me loose weight. While setting my blood sugar and hormones in balance it also did the job of helping my ovaries to make an egg instead of a cyst. When my blood sugar rises I make a cyst, not an egg. With this fixed I made an egg apparently, five days after starting the drugs. I knew it was possible the drugs would do this, I just did not realize how that part was a little surprising :)

If you made it through all that, the conclusion is, I will not be losing weight, I will be gaining. I will be gaining a lot.

But I am excited. Beyond excited.

I am a little scared though. Next blog: my fears.


  1. yay!! I get to be Godfather again! and I will make lovely dresses in your pregnant presence.

  2. Uncle Jenn, super-stoked. (And finally super-stalking. What?)