Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just a Start

I would just like to say, that I do not think I should blog. I am not sure it is a wise investment of my time. I am doing this at the insistence of a very funny and dear friend of mine and I would do anything to amuse her. If you choose to read this blog I just want to say now, before you think it first, that I will not:

1. Have the deep insight and gift of writing beautiful words as say, that of

2. Have the incredible humor that is

3. Have the thought provoking conversation starters that is

4. And certainly not the incredible amazingness that is and

But I will present my thoughts as they come. After I watch this week's episode that is LOST, and sleep some. I try to live based on my values, and that my friends, is what I choose to value at this time. Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

  1. a. thanks for the shout out.
    b. how can you think your not funny?!
    c. that's like saying you don't have great boobs and we all know what i lie that is.
    d. i can't wait to follow this blog.